SNU ECE C.A.T team (Advisor: Prof. Hyuk-Jae Lee), Ranked 2nd in F1Tenth Autonomous Racing Indoors

2021-01-27l Hit 48

On October 27th, the F1Tenth IROS, a RC car autonomous racing competition, was held at Las Vegas Prix online. The team C.A.T., consisting of SNU ECE students Jihoon Seo, SungKyung Kim, Beomjoon Chae, and Jaewon Lee (Advisor Prof. Hyuk-Jae Lee, Assistant Dayoung Chun), ranked second. The F1Tenth competition is an indoors autonomous racing student competition held in the U.S. annually. This year, due to COVID-19, the competition was held online via simulation. The preliminary rounds were held in leagues to determine who would continue on to the finals. Seventeen teams consisting of 64 people from ten countries participated in the finals. For the finals, a tournament form was adopted: there were three rounds, a semifinal, and a final round to determine the winner. It is anticipated that this accomplishment will contribute to the development of AI autonomous vehicles that use LIDAR.



Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,