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[graduate school student affairs]2017 2nd Qualifying Test Schedule:9/2(SAT)

ECElAugust 30, 2017l Hit 1562

1. When : 2017. 9/2(sat) 09:00am~11:00am    Be there by 8:30am
(you may leave the test place from 10:00am if you want)


2. Where
   -M.S. ,Ph.D. and  M.S. and Ph.D. Combined Program(admission before 2011) : Building 301, Room 302
   -M.S. and Ph.D. Combined Program(admission after 2012) : Building 301, Room 306

3. Note
- you are supposed to seat assigned. Check it out when you enter the test place.
- you must bring your student card / the calculator can be used. (keep note that you cannot share it in the middle of test)
- you can take your test paper.
- only use pen (pencil are not accepted)
-you don’t need to mark test type in the answer sheet cover(blue one)
- how many subjects you may choose:
-students who are in MS and integrated ms/doc (admitted this ECE dept. after the year of March 2012) : two subjects
-mark your name and student number on every answer sheet.(one question – one answer sheet)
-previous test for QT : access to our website -> log in  -> click 인트라넷 > click 정보서비스 > click 양식 게시판 참고
-Result for QT(pass or fail) : in the middle of October -> you may check this out through my snu website


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