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Thesis / dissertation checklist (when you finished thesis evaluation)

ECElDecember 26, 2017l Hit 815

This notice is for the students who are going to graduate in Feb. 2018

Check the three things below.
1. submitting your graduation thesis(original) by online(PDF)
 1-1. Period: from ending up thesis evaluation to 2018. Jan. 30.(화)
 1-2 How and Where to submit : Central Library→click 도서관서비스→ click 학위논문 제출→ click 학위논문 온라인 제출 바로가기→ click 온라인 제출 페이지-> upload ( )

2. submitting your graduation thesis to Central Library in person
 2-1 Period : 2018. Jan. 31.(수) ~ Feb. 2. (금) for 3 days (09:30~17:30)

*meet the deadline*
 2-2 How and Where to submit : Central Library (lobby reception)
 2-3 How many theses : PhD: 3, MS: 3(one is original, the others are copies)

 ※ Check attachment (Thesis and Dissertation Deposit Agreement, 학위논문 원문제공 서비스에 대한 동의서). It should be added on your original thesis. Add this attachment in the next page of Thesis Approval sheet(인준지, 인준지 is some kind of paper which includes your committee’s signature)

3. The documents you need to submit to this ECE office)
 3-1 Period : 2018. Jan. 31.(수) ~ Feb. 2. (금), for 3 days (09:00~18:00)
3-2 Documents

  학위논문 제출 확인서(certificate for submission of graduation thesis)
    * Where to get : 2nd floor in Central Library

    * Also it can be issued online by yourself : → click도서관서비스 → click학위논문 제출 →click ‘제출내역’에서 출력 (you can print it out after completing 1 and 2)
※ Borrowed books must be returned, and overdue fines must be paid before submission

  논문의 표지서론의 첫 페이지
* 논문의 커버가 되는 표지 페이지

    * 초록이 아닌 서론의 첫 페이지

You must submit two kinds of paper. 1. first page of introduction (copy)_not the first page of abstract 2. cover of your thesis(copy))


4. Note
You must check your English name on portal (mysnu) website (by Feb. 2 2018) →click학생행정->click나의정보->click개인정보수정(영문성명 입력 및 수정)


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