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The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate students)

ECElAugust 3, 2020l Hit 1080

This notice is for graduate students in SNU.
regulation for safety course from institute of environmental protection & safety SNU has been changed as follows since it has been strengthening then ever.
-eventhough you have been taken the safety course in your Master degree, you have to take this course again in your doctoral degree.
(exceptional case) your graduation :  2019 Feb. -> admission in doctoral degree :  2019. Mar. (continuous degree program)

it applies in March 2020. if you registered QT in March 2020, you need to check this regulation.


if you are freshman in fall 2020, you you are required to get my snu Id through the portal site below.

[how to apply for this  course]
you need to register the course through SAFE site within the designated period, Aug. 5-Aug. 18
access ->log in -> click ''research support'' -> ''safe''
[how to take the course on-line]
E course is for international students. take the coursewithin the designated period, Sep.4~Sep. 8