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Confirmation Document for ''Dissertation Research''('Reading and Research)(430.960)

ECElFebruary 25, 2021l Hit 479

This notice is intended for the students who take a course titled ''Dissertation Research(430.960)''.

The attached document including Research content, thesis title, and reference book must be submitted to this office, Ms. Kim mina( 880-7304)

-period for submitting 3/15() ~ 3/26(), Ms. Kim mina in ECE office

(within one week after ending up course modification period)

(course modification period: 3/2()  - 3/8())

If not, the grade for this course would be ‘’U’’

-Inquiry: Ms. Kim mina( 880-7304 )

Don’t forget to submit it to this office within the designated period.


The signature on the bottom of doc. must be your thesis professor since most of students take this course from their thesis professor.


But if it is not the same professor (thesis prof. and instructor of this course) you must write down thesis prof. and instructor of this course respectively.

you may see the Confirmation Document Form through the following website.


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