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A Call for 2022 Sinyang Cultural Foundation Scholarship Program sponsored by Sinyang Cultural Foundation

ECElJanuary 13, 2022l Hit 719

Keep note you may not be eligible for this scholarship if you are receiving another scholarships.

-you cannot benefit from duplicate registration scholarships, which means those who are receiving other scholarships from SNU or other organizations, including GKS Scholarship, can’t apply for this scholarship.

-Freshman cannot apply for this scholarship.

-For more information, contact the staff who is charge of this scholarship with .





1)the remainder of the semester must be 2 semesters or more (both undergraduate students and graduate students can apply for this scholarship)

2)students who have a difficult time paying for tuition fee.

3)A minimum GPA 3.0


  1. Scholarship amount : tuition fee


  1. Scholarship period : 1 year

(condition: the score(GPA) must be B or more, minimum credits earned : undergraduate students- 10 , graduate students- 4)


  1. Documents required (you may see attached files related through the following website)


1)application and recommendation attached

2)applicant agreement

3)transcript (print it out by online(my snu website)

4)bank book (account holder: an applicant)

5)personal information collection and use agreement (two kinds of agreements)

6)certificate of tuition payment(it must be submitted later)

you may see all the attached files related through the following website.)


  1. due date for submission: 2022. 1. 17.(Mon) 10am


  1. Where to submit : Ms. Jaeseon LEE (, Building 301 room 309)


For more detailed information, contact the staff in charge please.


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