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  • Recruitment for Chinese Students a new post a post that has files

    ECEl Sep 24, 2020 l Hit 18

    두산로보틱스는 두산그룹의 계열사로 협동로봇을 개발, 제조, 판매하고 있으며, 대 중국 사업의 확장을 위하여 서울대학교의 우수한 학생(중국인 유학생)을 대상으로 추천채용을 실시한다고 하오니, 관심있는 분들은 아래 채용 담당자 연락처를 참고하여 주시기 바랍니다.(한국어로 의사소통이 가능한 지원자 선호한다고 합니다) - 첨부...

  • (extension)The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate students) a new post a post that has files

    ECEl Sep 23, 2020 l Hit 37

    Those who did not register for safety course in Aug. (or in case that you did not finish the course within the designated period even though you succeeded in registration in time) must read this notice. additional period is open as followes: (case 1) you miss to register for it by online in Aug. 2020 (case 2)&...

  • COVID-19 Support Scholarship Application Guide a post that has files

    ECEl Sep 18, 2020 l Hit 40

    Seoul National University(SNU) is providing ‘COVID-19 Support Scholarship’ for Undergraduate students in the hopes of providing financial assistance and alleviating financial difficulties during the global pandemic. This scholarship is going to be granted only to students who have successfully applied wi...

  • Course withdrawal Period(on-line): 2020. 9. 15.(화) ~ 10. 26.(월) 23:59

    ECEl Sep 18, 2020 l Hit 34

    Course withdrawal Period(on-line): 2020. 9. 15.(화) ~ 10. 26.(월) 23:59 How to apply for it : Apply for it mysnu website( ) (no need to submit the form to this office)Log in ->student service(학생서비스) ->class/grade(수업/성적) ->class(수업)->정규학기 수강취소->choose the course y...

  • Online Job Fair for Int'l Students 2020 by KOTRA

    ECEl Sep 15, 2020 l Hit 58

    Please check the below link for more details.

  • 2020 Fall Semester International Students Integrated Peer Tutoring Program(Gwanak Residence Halls) a post that has files

    ECEl Sep 10, 2020 l Hit 75

    The GRH, in collab. with the Faculty of Liberal Ed., launched a tutoring program for the international undergraduate students living in our Residence Halls to help them adapt to university life and with their studies. We are recruiting for 25 tutors and 25 tutees.For more details refer below.Tutor:

  • Confirmation Document for ''Dissertation Research''('Reading and Research)(430.960)

    ECEl Aug 27, 2020 l Hit 124

    This notice is intended for the students who take a course titled ''Dissertation Research(430.960)''.The attached document including Research content, thesis title, and reference book must be submitted to this office, Ms. Kim mina( 880-7304) -period for submitting : 9/1(월) ~ 9/21(월), Ms. Kim min...

  • Korean Test_2020 2nd semester

    ECEl Aug 27, 2020 l Hit 114

    This notice is only for the graduate students who are going to take a Korean test instead of English.[Academic Affairs][Regulation] Foreign Language Examination (English or Korean)_mandatory- The foreign language examination must be taken in English. However, international students must select between English and Ko...

  • Registration Period for Graduate Research Student, 2020 2nd semester

    ECEl Aug 11, 2020 l Hit 551

    1.Registration period :-first: 2020. 8. 26.(수) ~ 9. 8.(화) 【10일간】-second(final): 2020. 9. 18.(금) ~ 9. 29.(화) 【10일간】 (최종)Keep note those who are going to finish their course work, 2020 Aug. can pay for the fee starting from Sep. 1st.(2020.8 수료자는 9월1일(월)부터 가능)2.Tuition fee for ...

  • Self-Quarantine Guide for new students a post that has files

    ECEl Aug 11, 2020 l Hit 118

    ○ SELF-QUARANTINE Facility (Hoam Faculty House) All entrants from abroad needs to self-quarantine for 14 days, so SNU is offering self-quarantine facilities near campus. For more details, please find the attached file!


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