Academic Affairs

  • Graduation Ceremony, 2020 Aug.28

    ECEl Jul 30, 2020 l Hit 764 dept.'s graduation ceremony will be conducted by Zoom on Aug. 28 2020 2:00pm (Zoom address will be notified soon) -74th online Commencement : Aug. 28 2020 at 10 am photo & video contest for the class of 2020 -Ph...

  • period for course registration in 2020 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 27, 2020 l Hit 725

    please, find attached file for course registration in 2020 2nd semester

  • Application for S-CARD (Student ID card), Fall Semester 2020 a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 23, 2020 l Hit 747

    -International students can apply for S-card by visiting Woori bank located in campus or student center (bldg. 67 2nd floor) starting from Sep. 7th(Mon). NOT online. -Please refer to the files attached for more information.

  • Schedule for Qualification Test(QT), 2020 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 8, 2020 l Hit 1178논자시※ NOTE1) Those who were admitted during 2016 and after must take life-respect-course (education for life protection) since taking this program is one of the eligibility for taking QT.2) [MS_PhD_Integrated_Degree Program stude...

  • [MS and PHD] After you pass dissertation evaluation!!

    ECEl Jul 2, 2020 l Hit 1400

    1.학위논문(PDF 원문파일) 제출(submitting your thesis(original dissertation) by online(PDF) by July 30.1) period: ending up your thesis defense to the period for submitting your thesis to Central Library in person by July 30.(Before submitting the number of thesises to ECE office in person, you must submit the origin...

  • A call for SNU Global Scholarship (Fall 2020) a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 19, 2020 l Hit 1215

  • SNU President Fellowship_Fall 2020

    ECEl Jun 12, 2020 l Hit 1135

    Keep note that you need to let me know by e-amil prior to applying if you are qualified for applying this scholarship.( )

  • [Scholarship deadline extended] Application Guideline for Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Global Sch...

    ECEl Jun 11, 2020 l Hit 1393 We are pleased to announce the call for "Hyundai Motor Chung Mong-Koo Foundataion Global Scholarship" for Fall 2020. 1. About Chung Mong-Koo Foundation 2. Purpose o...

  • The Final Exam Countermeasures for Examinee with Fever

    ECEl Jun 9, 2020 l Hit 1082

    □ Guidance ◌ Students exhibiting fever (37.5 or higher) will not be allowed to attend school for the next three (3) days after the day of fever. - If the fever gets better after three (3) days, the student will be allowed to attend school. However, if no improvements are made, the student will be required to take th...

  • Verification for Graduation Requirements_2020 a post that has files

    ECEl May 21, 2020 l Hit 1454

    Please find the attached file for graduation requirements of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Seoul National University.If you have any questions, inquiries or concerns about graduation requirements, please feel free to contact:Administrative Office of the Department of Electrical and Compute...