Academic Affairs

  • The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate students)_ 2021. 2nd semester

    ECEl Aug 10, 2021 l Hit 507

    Related notice in Korean.please, refer to the following notice for checking the attached files. If you have not yet taken this ''The Environmental protection and safety Course'', you are required to take this class in the designated period. Keep not...

  • quota exceeding course registration request manual_2021 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Aug 10, 2021 l Hit 722

    related notice in Korean. Please, find the attached file to quota exceeding course registration request manual. Please, do not contact the professor in charge of the subject individually to get permission for taking the course. (Even if you are approve...

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Application for Foreign Residents

    ECEl Aug 6, 2021 l Hit 579

    Please, refer to the following website! there is a post relate to COVID-19 Vaccination Application for Foreign Residents.

  • photo zone and gown for degree recipients

    ECEl Aug 5, 2021 l Hit 462

    photo zone will be provide for the Degree recipient by the college of engineering starting from 2021. 8.17.(화) to 2021. 8.30.(월) -photo zone spot : building 38, 1st floor and building 300, 2nd floor2.How to borrow the gown for degree recipients- when: 2021. 8.17.(화) ~ 2021. 8.27.(금) / you can not borrow it on 8...

  • Registration Period for Graduate Research Student, 2021 2nd semester

    ECEl Aug 5, 2021 l Hit 1852

    1.Registration period : -first round: 2021. 8.25.(수) ~ 9.7(화) -second(final) round : 2021. 9.17.(금) ~ 9.30.(수) (최종) Keep note those who are going to finish their course work, as of 2021 Aug. can pay the fee starting from Sep. 1st※ (2021년 8월 수료자는 9. 1.(수)부터&n...

  • Course Registration User Manual_2021 Fall semester

    ECEl Aug 2, 2021 l Hit 383

    2021 Year 2nd Semester Course Registration Period Information course registration schedule has been open!click here to check it out, please. you may see the information for Course Registration User Manual on the following website.

  • students who are going to graduate in 2021 Aug. must read this notice.

    ECEl Jul 16, 2021 l Hit 885

    You may check all the related attached files by 학위논문(PDF 원문파일) 제출(submitting your graduation thesis(original) by online(PDF) -submission period: 2021.07.27(화) – 08.11(수) *meet the deadline-how to : homepage upload Individua...

  • Social Distancing Reorganization Plan (July. 1.~) Facility Rules Promotional Materials a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 14, 2021 l Hit 731

    please, refer to the attached file.

  • Schedule for Qualification Test(QT), 2021 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 6, 2021 l Hit 331 ※ NOTE Students who wish to apply for the application should refer to the following and submit the application form within the application period. 1) [MS_PhD_Integrated_Degree Program students] Those who were admitted during 2015 and after must app...

  • covid-19 safety and quarantine guidelines for international students_2021_05 a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 2, 2021 l Hit 302

    Please, carefully read over the Safety and Quarantine Guidelines in the attached files.