Academic Affairs

  • How to borrow gown for graduation

    ECEl Feb 17, 2020 l Hit 231

    - period :1)2020. 2. 17.(월) 10:00 ~ 17:00 , Building 39 , storage (1st floor nearby guard office)2)2020. 2. 28.(금) 10:00 ~ 17:00 , Building 39 , storage (1st floor nearby guard office)※ If you borrow gown on Feb.17, it must be returned on that day.※ If you borrow gown on Feb.28, it must be returned by Mar.2. ...

  • [Notice] Coronavirus

    ECEl Feb 14, 2020 l Hit 265

    Those who visited or stayed in Chinese regions, including Hubei province are forced to self-isolate as part of efforts to stop the coronavirus spreading in Korea. -> Self-Isolation for 14 days of returning to Korea For example, you return to Korea on Feb. 4, you have to stay in your place(Dorm) till Feb.18 ...

  • Change of Academic Schedule of Spring 2020

    ECEl Feb 14, 2020 l Hit 287

    Academic schedule of Spring 2020 has been changed as following in order to prevent COVID-19 infection.-Starting date: Mar.16 (Mon)-Last date: June.19 (Fri)

  • SNU' 74th Graduation Ceremony

    ECEl Feb 14, 2020 l Hit 322

    Due to the COVID-19 (Corona virus), Seoul National University's graduation ceremony has been cancelled. -final version. But there will be photo zone located to main gate and administrative building(lawn, building 60) to celebrate individually. also, our dept.'s graduation ceremony has been cancelled, too.To ALL of t...

  • Call for Global Korea Scholarship Self-financed Students(Undergraduate Students only) a post that has files

    ECEl Feb 13, 2020 l Hit 274

    1. Qualification->applicants must fulfil all the requirements below , number 1) to 4) 1) sophomore , junior , senior 2) grade for 80 out of 100 marks3) TOPIK 4 grade for above4) receiving other scholarships from SNU or other organizations, including GKS Scholarship, can’t app...

  • [changes]Notice for Override Request Form (초안지)_2020 1st semester a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 29, 2020 l Hit 818

    Due to the COVID-19 , date for submitting Override Request Form has been changed:Submit it to this ECE office(Building 301 Room 319) without prof’s signature on the paper on designated period : 2020.3.12.(목), 3.13.(금), 3.16(월), 3.17(화) 09:00~18:00Result Announcement Date (Approval or Rejection) : 2020.3.19...

  • safety course from institute of environmental protection &safety SNU has been changed.

    ECEl Jan 29, 2020 l Hit 264

    This notice is for graduate students in SNU.regulation for safety course from institute of environmental protection & safety SNU has been changed as follows since it has been strengthening then ever.-eventhough you have been taken the safety course in your Master degree, you have to take this course again in you...

  • The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate students)_ 2020. Feb.

    ECEl Jan 23, 2020 l Hit 558

    If you have not yet taken this ''The Environmental protection and safety Course'', you are required to take this class in the designated period. Keep note that taking safety course is one of eligibilities for QT. Those who want to apply for QT in March. 2020 must take safety course this time.

  • 2020 1st Semester Course Registration a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 15, 2020 l Hit 325

    Schedule for Course Registration 2020 1st Semester has been announced. You may want to check it through the website below.

  • BK Residence Halls a post that has files

    ECEl Jan 14, 2020 l Hit 281

    For Applicants of March, 2020Announcement for ResidencyApplication at BK Residence HallsPlease, find more details in attached files


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