Academic Affairs

  • Call for Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students only (by June 14)_2019 2nd

    ECEl Jun 10, 2019 l Hit 1286

    1. Eligibility (International Undergraduate Students only)students and his/her parents income are under 50,000,000won can apply for this scholarship. 2. Candidates must apply on-line. Application period is as follows:2019. 5. 27.(월) ~ 6. 14.(금) -How to apply : on-lineAccess to → click 학사...

  • SNU President Fellowship (SPF) a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 10, 2019 l Hit 569

    Students who are qualified for applying for SNU President Fellowship (SPF), contact me by more details, check attached file, please.Keep note that before applying for it, you need to contact by email firstcontact email :

  • a call for SNU Global Scholarship Application for Fall 2019 a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 10, 2019 l Hit 562

  • 2019 가산 글로벌장학생 모집

    ECEl May 8, 2019 l Hit 652

    가산문화재단에서 「가산 글로벌장학생」을 아래와 같이 선발한다하오니, 참고하시기 바랍니다.( ) 가. 지원자격: 서울, 경기 소재 대학(원)에 재학중인 외국인 유학생(대학생 또는 대학원생)Qualification : foreign students who are in undergraduate or graduate (students who can speak ...

  • 2019 Daewoong Global Scholarship Mentoring Program

    ECEl May 1, 2019 l Hit 666

  • Career Coaching session for SNU International Students a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 26, 2019 l Hit 905

  • Schedule for thesis defense_2019 1st a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 25, 2019 l Hit 1658

    [updated information] check attached file, Notification for Thesis Submission in the First Semester 2019The following notice is about ‘schedule for Dissertation evaluation for M.S. & Ph.D.’ 2019 1st The staff who is in charge of this academic affairs is Ms.mina kim ( in ECE dept. I...

  • 2019 LOTTE DUTY FREE-MEDIHEAL Global Ambassador Scholarship a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 12, 2019 l Hit 981

    1.EligibilityInternational students who have registered as senior students(undergraduate) in 2019 1st 2.Subsidies200,000 won (per month) 2019 Mar. ~ 20120 Feb.3. Deadline for application submission2019. 3. 21. 16:00 students center, Ms. JaeSeon LEE 4. Required documents지원서(Application form) ...

  • Course withdrawal Period(on-line): 2019.3.11. ~ 4.22.(23:59)

    ECEl Mar 11, 2019 l Hit 761

    Course withdrawal Period(on-line): 2019.3.11. ~ 4. 22. 23:59 How to apply for it : Step 1 -> Step 2 Step 1. Apply for it mysnu website( click 'academic affairs' -> click 'class/grade' -> click 'cancel' ) during the designated period. (2019.3.11. ~ 4. 22. 23:59 by on-line first)Do not miss the due...

  • [Ph.D.] Schedule for Ph.D. Preliminary Dissertation Evaluation_2019 1st a post that has files

    ECEl Mar 11, 2019 l Hit 829

    Keep note that this notice is for the Ph.D. students who are going to graduate in Feb. 2020Students who are going to graduate in Feb. 2020 as a PhD must submit the following documents to Ms.Min-a Kim who is in charge of academic affairs in this ECE office within a designated period. <Required Documents (the forms...


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