[세미나] [전기전자세미나] 4월 19일 The Evolution of Mobile and Base  Station Antennas: From 4G to Beyond 5G

2018-04-16l Hit 6711

838. The Evolution of Mobile and Base

Station Antennas: From 4G to Beyond 5G

연사: 오정석 서울대학교 전기정보공학부 교수

¾일시: 2018년 04월 19일(목), 17:00 ~ 18:00

¾장소: 서울대학교 제1공학관(301동) 118호



Nowadays emerging 5G and IoT service scenarios boost a new era of wireless communication technology, which leads to an urgent necessity of developing a new class of hardware and software technology. Without doubt, mobile terminal and base station are two typical hardware packages to provide mobile communication services. Recently, new classes and different scales of hardware prototypes for base station and mobile terminal are being suggested and tested. In such prototypes, antennas have been an essential instrument but occupied the largest volume among wireless components due to fundamental limit of efficient radiation. I will first present existing 4G antenna topologies and operation principles in bases station and mobile terminal, and then attempt to compare the emerging 5G antenna technology to 4G. Finally, I will discuss about new opportunities of future antenna technology from the aspects of academia and industry.


l Education

2012 University of Michigan Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

2007 Seoul National University M.S. in Electrical Engineering

2002 Seoul National University B.S. in Electrical Engineering

l Careers

2018~ Seoul National University, Assistant Professor

2015~2018 Inha University, Assistant Professor

2013~2015 Samsung Research America, Staff/Lead Engineer

2007~2012 Korea Telecom, Manager (University Collaboration)

l Awards

2017 Outstanding Faculty Awards, Inha University

2014 Samsung DMC R&D Center Awards, Samsung Electronics

2011 Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan