[세미나] Recent Semiconductor Design Issues, Solutions, and Trends

2019-10-28l Hit 3349

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Recent Semiconductor Design Issues, Solutions, and Trends

■ 연사: 최정연 상무 (Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)
■ 일시: 2019년 10월 30일 (수) 15:30 ~ 16:30
■ 장소: 301동 제1공학관 612호 세미나실

  Samsung Foundry has continuously reinforced and extended design methodologies and cloud solutions for foundry customers since he became foundry player. In this talk, audience will find out what complete design solutions Samsung Foundry have and what differentiated values Samsung Foundry creates by combining Samsung Foundry's process technology & design knowhow and EDA/Cloud solutions, especially in latest leading edge process technologies.

Jung Yun Choi (Ph. D)
- Corporate Vice President
- Design Technology Team
- Design Platform Development
- Samsung Foundry

  Dr. JY Choi has worked in Samsung Electronics from 2003 after receiving the Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from POSTECH, Republic of Korea, and, he was visiting scholar of Stanford University in 2012. Currently, he is a corporate VP in Samsung Foundry, leading Design Technology team, responsible for design methodology and tool flow for all process technologies and semiconductor products manufactured by Samsung Foundry. Since he joined in Samsung, he has contributed the developments of low power design methodologies especially for mobile devices, and has led to develop RTL-to-GDS implementation and sign-off methodologies for semiconductor products.

  Now he is interested in all aspects of design technologies and environments impacting semiconductor product values (power, performance, area, yield, cost, etc) considering new process/package technologies, new applications (ex. mobile, high performance computing, automotive, etc), and new working environment (ex. cloud).

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