Research Groups

레이저 연구실

Laser Laboratory

Prof. : Prof. Yoonchan Jeong

Research Area : 전자물리 및 레이저

  • Research Interests & Projects
  • ▶ Laser physics and engineering
    - Novel fiber design and development, in particular, active photonic bandgap fibres for laser applications(in collaboration with the ORC, University of Southampton)
    - Next-generation high-power fibre laser and amplifier souces, in particular, single-frequency and visible fibre sources
    - Power-scaling via coherent beam combination
    - Ultra -fast/Ultra-wideband laser sources

    ▶ Novel laser applications
    - Laser electron/particle accelerator
    - Advanced materials processing, including micro/nano machining
    - Laser-based lightening/display
    - Bio-imaging(Raman/Brillouin spectroscopy)
    - Ranging, remote sensing and LIDAR(free space and under-water)