Research Groups

부호 및 암호 연구실

Coding and Cryptography Lab.

Prof. : Prof. No, Jong-Seon

Research Area : Information, Telecommunications & Radio Sciences

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • Coding and Cryptography Lab (CCL) was established in September 1999 at Seoul National University. In CCL, we conduct research on various areas of communication system. Our research interests focus on 1) Sequence design for CDMA system and Cryptography, 2) Design of Error-correcting-codes (ECC) for digital communication and storage, 3) MIMO, Cooperative communication and Space-Time codes, Interference Alignment, 4) OFDM systems, and 5) Security in Vehicles.
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • [Project]
    [1] Intelligent Wireless Communication Systems in 3 Dimensional Environment
    (03.01.2008 ~ 02.28.2013)
    [2] Performance Enhancement in OFDM Systems by Compressed Sensing
    (05.01.2009 ~ 02.28.2014)
    [3] Developing Security Systems for Automotive Embedded Systems
    (06.27.2011 ~ 08.26.2012)
    [4] Research on Error Control Techniques for Reliability of Flash Memories
    (10.30.2006 ~ 06.30.2012)
  • Journals & Patents
  • [International Journal]
    [1] Seokbeom Hong, Hosung Park, Beomkyu Shin, Jong-Seon No, and Habong Chung, "A new performance measure using k-set correlation for compressed sensing matrices," IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 143-146, March 2012.
    [2] Hosung Park, Seokbeom Hong, Jong-Seon No, and Dong-Joon Shin, "Design of multiple-edge protographs for QC LDPC codes avoiding short inevitable cycles," accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, December 2012.
    [3] Xianglan Jin, Jong-Seon No, and Dong-Joon Shin, "Source transmit antenna selection for MIMO decode-and-forward relay networks," accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, January 2013.

    [1] Jong-Seon No, Dong-Joon Shin, Beomkyu Shin, Hosung Park, and Seokbeom Hong, "Product code decoding method and device," US patent application. 2011-005294, 20110112.
    [2] Dae Woon Lim, Dong-Joon Shin, Jong-Seon No, and Xianglan Jin, "Method for selecting source transmit antenna in cooperative MIMO communication system," US patent application. 2011-294406, 20120719.