Research Groups

전기 에너지 변환 연구실

Electric Energy Conversion Lab.

Prof. : Prof. Ha, Jung-Ik

Research Area : 전기에너지 시스템

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • . Electric Energy Conversion Technology
    - Electrical , Mechanical, and Thermal Energy Conversion with Electronics
    - Energy Efficiency, Cost Reduction, Performance, and Optimization
    . Application Fields
    - Home, Factory, Vehicle, Building, Power Generation, and so on.
    . Technology Scopes
    - Energy System Planning Control
    - Energy Conversion Machine Design and Analysis
    - Measurements and Conversion Circuits
    - Conversion Control
    - Energy Network and Smart Grid End Use Technology
    . Collaborative Works with Other Fields
    - In Electrical Engineering, Machine Design, Power System, Control, Computing, and Semiconductor
    - In Engineering and Science, Mechanical Engineering - Mechanism, Dynamics, Heat, and Manufacturing
    : Material Science - Model, Design, Process
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • ▶ 최근 관심분야
    - Small-sized Power Systems : Capacitorless inverter, dual motor drive
    - Renewable Energy Conversion Systems
    - Motor Control : Sensorless control, Dual inverter topology for EV/HEV
    - Integrated Machine

    ▶ 주요 연구과제
    - 전해캡이 없는 전동기 구동 시스템 : LG 전자
    - Multi-string 태양광 발전 시스템 : LS 산전
    - Dual motor drive, integrated machine : 삼성전자
    - 센서리스 전동기 제어 : LG 전자, 삼성 태크윈
    - 전기자동차 용 인버터 시스템 및 제어 기술 개발 : 만도
  • Journals & Patents
  • ▶ 논문
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    ▶ 특허
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