Research Groups

로보틱스 및 지능 시스템 연구실

Robotics & Intelligent Systems Lab.

Prof. : Prof. Lee, Beom Hee

Research Area : Robotics, Intelligent systems

  • http://risl.snu.ac.kr
  • Tel. 02-880-6487 / Fax. 02-888-4182
  • Room 707 B301, Room 308 B133, Seoul National University, 1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul 151-742, KOREA

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • Research Topics
    1. Multi-agents System
    - Multi-robot Cleaning System
    - Multi-robot Security System
    - Multi-agents Coordination, Control, and Application
    2. Indoor Navigation System
    - Intelligent Space
    - Localization and Moving Obstacle Avoidance
    3. Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM)
    - Efficient FastSLAM algorithm
    - Cooperative (Multi-robot) SLAM
    4. Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)
    - Multi-AUV Control (Path Planning & Covering)
    - AUV Simulator & Controller (Testbed)
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • Recent Granted Projects
    2010.07 - 2015.06 : Development of Collective Intelligence Robot Technologies
    2010.03 - 2011.02 : Autonomous Underwater Cleaning Robots
    2008.06 - 2013.05 : Multi-agent System Coordination, Control, and Application Technology (National Research Laboratory)
    2006.11 - 2009.10 : Development of Optimal Collision-Avoidance Path Planning for Swam Robots (Security Robots)
    2006.05 - 2006.12 : Development of Efficient FastSLAM Algorithm
    2005.12 - 2007.11 : Motion Coordination for Efficient Works of Multiple Cleaning Robots
    2005.12 - 2007.05 : Development of Remote Controller for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
    2004.02 - 2005.12 : Development of Navigation and Map Building Techniques using Structured Light and USB Camera for Mobile Robots
    2003.10 - 2006.03 : Development of Real-time Coordinated Navigation Technique for Multiple Mobile Robots
    2003.02 - 2003.12 : Development of Navigation and Map Building Techniques using Structured Light and CMOS Image Sensors
    2002.03 - 2008.02 : Development of Reflective Force Navigation System for Steward Robots
  • Journals & Patents
  • Recent Journal Papers (since 2008)
    (1) Gyuho Eoh, Jeong S. Choi, and Beom H. Lee, "Fault Robot Rescue by Multi-Robot Cooperation," ROBOTICA, 2013. (accepted)
    (2) Seung-Hee Lee, Heon-Cheol Lee, and Beom-Hee Lee, "A Scan Restoration Method for Robust Polar Scan Matching in Dynamic Environments," Advanced Robotics, 2012. (accepted)
    (3) Yaniss Touahmi, Nikolay Burlutskiy, Kong-Woo Lee, and Beom-Hee Lee, "Congestion Avoidance for Multiple Micro-robots Using School of Fishes Behaviors," International Journal of Advanced Robotics Systems, vol. 9, no. 67, 2012.
    (4) Keum-Bae Cho and Beom-Hee Lee, "A Novel 3D LIDAR/IMU/Serial Link Integration for Human-Friendly Guide Robots", Advanced Science Letters, 2012. (accepted)
    (5) Keum-Bae Cho and Beom-Hee Lee, "Intelligent Lead: A Novel HRI Sensor for Guide Robots", Sensors 12, no. 6: 8301-8318, 2012.
    (6) Heon-Cheol Lee, Touahmi Yaniss, and Beom-Hee Lee, "Grafting: A Path Replanning Technique for Rapidly-exploring Random Trees in Dynamic Environments," Advanced Robotics, vol. 26, no. 18, pp. 2145-2168, 2012.
    (7) Nikolay Burlutskiy, Yaniss Touahmi, and Beom-Hee Lee, "Power Efficient Formation Configuration for Centralized Leader-Follower AUVs Control," Journal of Marine Science and Technology, vol. 17, no. 3, pp. 315-329, Sep. 2012.
    (8) Heon-Cheol Lee, Seung-Hwan Lee, Myoung Hwan Choi, and Beom-Hee Lee, "Probabilistic Map Merging for Multi-Robot RBPF-SLAM with Unknown Initial Poses," ROBOTICA, vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 205-220, 2012.
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    (10) Jeong S. Choi, Younghwan Yoon, Myoung H. Choi, and Beom H. Lee, "Parameterized Collision Region for Centralized Motion Planning of Multi-Agents along Specified Paths,"ROBOTICA, vol. 29, no. 7, pp.1059-1073, 2011.
    (11) Heon-Cheol Lee and Beom-Hee Lee, "Improved Feature Map Merging using Virtual Supporting Lines for Multi-Robot Systems," Advanced Robotics, vol.25, no.13-14, pp.1675-1696, Aug. 2011.
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    (13) Jinseok Woo, Naoyuki Kubota, and Beom-Hee Lee, "Steady-State Genetic Algorithms for Growing Topological Mapping and Localization," Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 6230, 558-569, Nov. 2010.
    (14) Junghee Park, Jeong S. Choi, Jimin Kim, Sang-Hoon Ji, and Beom H. Lee, "Long-term Stealth Navigation in a Security Zone where the Movement of the Invader is Monitored", International Journal of Control, Automation, and Systems, vol.8, no.3, pp.604-614, Jun. 2010.
    (15) Nosan Kwak, Kazuhito Yokoi, Beom-Hee Lee, "Analysis of Rank-Based Resampling Based on Particle Diversity in the Rao–Blackwellized Particle Filter for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping", Advanced Robotics, vol.24, no.4, pp.585-604, Apr. 2010.
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