Industry Connection Program

SNU ECE department offers various Industry Connection Programs linked with domestic and international corporations targeting academic enhancement of a graduate program. Especially, the goal of these programs is to educate talented minds that fulfill the demands of the industry. Currently, major domestic corporations such as Samsung and Hynix are participating in the program and more programs are in course of preparation.

"Practical Applications of Engineering Knowledge" Internship Program

ECElMay 6, 2013l Hit 5168


In this course, students learn to apply both basic and advanced engineering skills they have mastered in the classroom to the industry site. Students also learn to synthetically analyse engineering applied cases, covered areas, and improvement plans. Students then make a presentation about engineering applied cases and technology improvements that they have encountered during the course of the program to help them make better decisions about their careers. This three unit course is intended for juniors and seniors and offered every semester.
Before the course registration, students must complete summer/winter break internship program at a corresponding corporation. Internship program must be at least two weeks long. During the semester, students are evaluated upon internship results and  presentations. Grades are given A through F. 
  • Eligibility : Undergraduate juniors and seniors
  • Work Period: 4 weeks-8 weeks

Course activities

Task Objective Personnel
Internship at an industry site, Problem suggestion Internship at an industry site Student
Industry site maintenance, Problem suggestion Professor, Corporate Employee
Problem solving lectures   Professor
Research about relevant studies and a presentation Report/Presentation Student
Draft design plan with a presentation Draft design plan/Presentation Student
Feedback, evaluation Professor, Corporate Employee
Detailed design plan with a presentation Detailed design plan/Presentation Student
Feedback, evaluation Professor, Corporate Employee
Realization of a design plan with a presentation Feedback, evaluation Professor, Corporate Employee