Professor Won Yong Sung, 2nd GPT Special Lecture at the Ministry of Science and ICT... Questioning Methods to Increase Utilization. (Yonhap News, 2023.04.03)

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The Ministry of Science and ICT announced on the 3rd that it conducted a lecture on the principles and application of generative artificial intelligence (AI), the most widely known model being GPT, targeting major executives and employees.

The lecture was the second AI lecture following the ChatGPT online class held in February, and was given by Professor Sung Won-yong of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Seoul National University, a leading scholar in the field of voice recognition and artificial neural networks.

During the lecture, Professor Sung explained the principles of the Transformer neural network used in the development of generative language models and GPT, and then introduced ways to utilize them, such as question asking techniques to obtain accurate answers in ChatGPT.

Reflecting the recent AI boom, more people applied for the lecture compared to the first one. Key officials, including Minister Lee Jong-ho, and members of the in-house research group SWIFT attended the on-site education, while the majority of employees attended the lecture online.

Minister Lee said, "As a ministry responsible for science, technology, and ICT policies, we will continue to create opportunities for all employees to acquire knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence."


Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,