[CoE Office of Academic Affairs] Urgent notice for students taking face-to-face labs/practice-based classes

ECElMay 14, 2020l Hit 1039

Since May 6th, the College of Engineering (CoE) has permitted limited face-to-face gatherings only for those classes for which in-person meetings are essential. For this CoE has made best efforts to ensure the safety of our students. However, due to the recent spread of infections in Itaewon, CoE has decided to allow students who do not want to commute to the campus for fear of COVID-19 infection to continue to take labs and practice-based classes online for the rest of the semester with absolutely no penalty.

If this is the case, a student must send an email to the class instructor. If not willing to contact the instructor directly, he or she can contact Ms. Soyeon Chon (schon0517@snu.ac.kr) at the Office of Academic Affairs with the student number, name, name of class and name of class instructor to process the request on his/her behalf.