[mandatory] Respect Life Program(education for life protection, 생명존중(자살예방) 교육

ECElFebruary 22, 2021l Hit 437

This notice is intended for students who enrolled in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021

Those who were admitted during 2016 and after must take life-respect-course (respect life program) since taking this program is one of the eligibility for taking QT. (it is one of the requirements for undergraduate students graduation)

If you have yet to take this program, you need to take this program in this time.

Non face to face program, by online!

How to register the course:
log in SNU eTL→ course list(
강좌목록)→click [공과대학]생명존중(자살예방)교육수강신청 강의실 이동생명존중(자살예방)교육 영상 시청 

Period for the education:

(1차) 2021.02.22.(월) ~ 03.17.(수)

If you are going to take QT in march 2021, you have to take it during this period.

차) 2021.04.12.(월) ~ 05.26.(수)

How to issue the certificate:

1) watch the video clip -> take a quiz

(After watching more than 80% of the video, you may take the quiz.)

2) certificate could be issued by My SNUON during the designated period:

(1차) 2021.03.24.(수) ~ 04.02.(금)
(2차) 2021.06.07.(월) ~ 08.31.(화)

regardless of the score you got!