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[Fourth Valley]Regarding job info sharing

ECElJune 11, 2012l Hit 4714

Title: [Notice] Job offer from a leading Japanese company!

Dear exclusive students in Korea,

Hello, this is Yuichi Nojima from TOP CAREER International.

Today I am writing to let you know the job vacancy of a leading Japanese company!

JGC, a Japanese global engineering company, will hold company information and interview sessions in 2012 June in Seoul and Pohang.
They are recruiting outstanding personnel from Korea who can play an important role for global expanding of their business, at their HQ office in Japan!

You can get a chance to design and develop industrial energy plants as a social infrastructure.
Seats are limited to 10 for each session. However, those who wish to join global projects across the border, please apply now!
The deadline for the application is Monday, June 11st.

Please check attached files!


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