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Scholarship for International Students

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Scholarship for International Students

1. Priority order of Candidate
1) 2013 1st semester new students (Graduate student)
2) 2012 2nd semester new students (Graduate student)
3) Graduate students

2. Kind of scholarships.
1) SNU Global Scholarship 1
Tuition (2 semesters) + Living cost (1,200,000Krw/1month X 12times) + Airfair fee
=  25,000,000Krw
2) SNU Global Scholarship 2
Tuition (2 semesters) + a(not decided) = 8,000,000Krw + a

3. Process
Please e-mail or visit the office with application form by July 10th.
(Ms. Kim Heesun,,  Building No.39, Room No.212 / Tel:02-880-8079)

4. Note
1) If you want to apply scholarship, you need your advisor\'s apprval &recommendation.
2) This scholarship depends on the fund situation.
3) The student who receive scholarship over 2 times before is not accepted.
4) If you receive another different scholarship, you can\'t apply this scholarship.

5. Please subsmit attached application form.


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