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Samsung C&T Global Internship Program

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Samsung C&T Global Internship Program

Samsung C&T Engineering and Construction group has been in business for 33 years. We are committed to becoming the world\'s leading contractor through the constant pursuit of growth, and through the quality in our leadership.
We\'d like to conduct a global internship program for foreigners
who are university students in Korea.

□ Employer : Samsung C&T Corporation (Engineering &Construction Group)
□ Position : Intern
□ Duration : 4 weeks (Jan 7 ~ Feb 1)
□ Location : Samsung C&T HQ in Seoul, South Korea (Gangnam Station)

• Eligible applicants: Seniors in undergraduate studies or
in graduate degree programs  
• Major: Construction, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical Engineering,
Electrical and Electronic, and all of Humanities majors
(including Business Administration)
• GPA: above 3.0 (4.5 standard)
• Holders of D-2 Visa only

• 4 weeks internship program, including 1 week of training
• Global marketing research and management support tasks
• Compensation including lunch and a stipend of KRW 1,200,000
• Job Opportunities to work for Samsung C&T Corporation
after evaluation for top-level internship results

Recruitment Schedule
• Application period: Nov 07 ~ 14, 2012  
• Samsung Aptitude Test: Nov 25, 2012  
• Interview: Early December (Contacted by HR for interview opportunity)

How to Apply
• Download and Complete the \"Application Form\" attached below
• Submit your application form to your major office
• The major office has to submit the application and the letters of recommendation from Professors to by 14 November, 2012
For further information please contact us (☏ 02.2145.5456)


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