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Change of Graduate Courses for 2013

ECElJanuary 31, 2013l Hit 4730

There are some changes of graduate courses this year. Make sure you\'re aware of this when you take courses. 1. Electric Machine and Control(4541.606)   Electric Machine and Control is no longer availabe for a graduate course   and now it becomes one of the undergraduate courses.   Electric Machine Control Theory(4541.606) is replaced as a core course for QT.   It makes Electric Machine and Control to be valid for QT for the next 4 years.   (2013 March ~ 2016 September)   Students may choose either one when they take QT. 2. Industrial Applications of Electrical and Electronic Technologies   Industrial Applications of Electrical and Electronic Technologies will be open   both 1st semester and 2nd semester.   There are subtitles which will be opened for 2013 as below.    2013.1st semester - Global Management of IT Enterprise    2013.2nd semester - Management and Innovation of Information Technology 3. Lecture type of Microelectronics Fabrication   Lecture type of Microelectronics Fabrication is changed.    Credit-Lecure-Lab: 3-3-0 -> 3-1-4


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