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2021 Spring Semester Tuition Fee Payment

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All enrolled students, returning and readmitted graduate students need to pay the tuition for the Spring Semester of 2021 according to the following instructions.

  1. Period: February 19 (F) ~ February 25 (T) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

*Additional Period: March 10 (W), 9:00 am ~ March 12 (F), 17:00

*Final Period: March 23 (T), 9:00 am ~ March 25 (T), 17:00

  1. How to pay the tuition:

1) Payments by cash transfer can be made at all local banks. However, students making payments at banks other than Nonghyup, Shinhan Bank, and Woori Bank will be subject to service charges.

2) It is possible to pay the tuition fee by credit card. However, only Nonghyup BC card, Nonghyup NH Card, Shinhan Card, and Woori cards are acceptable.

(1) Go the Nonghyup, Shinhan Bank or Woori Bank in person to pay by credit card

(2) Go to the homepage of Nonghyup, Shinhan Bank or Woori Bank to pay online:

* Interest charges may be applicable depending on the bank used and the credit cards' repayment plan chosen. Note that the entire tuition fee will be billed to your credit card immediately.

※ Be sure to confirm details with your bank before paying with your credit card.

※ Cancellation of the credit card payment can be made only on the day of payment. Change of installments after payment is not permitted.

3) Payment can be made via Internet banking, phone banking, ATM transfers, and teller transactions.

Your bank may charge you fees for these types of payment but SNU does not.

  1. Tuition Payment Bill Printout

1) The bill is printable only after 09:00 February 10 (W)

*Additional period: only after 09:00 March 8 (M)

*Final period: only after 09:00 March 19 (F)

2) Login to

Enter your Student ID Number (학번), Alien Registration Number* (주민등록번호), and your name in Korean (성명), and Click the "로그인" button. On the next page, click the "출력" button (Tuition Fees / 등록금)

* Alien Registration Number: If you do not have the number, enter your 'Date of Birth (yy-mm-dd)' and either '1000000' for male students or '2000000' for female students. For example, if you are a female born on 17/12/1985, you would input 851217-2000000.


  1. Confirmation of Education Expense Payment (the receipt) is available after your payment.

- To verify that your payment was received, go to the mySNU web site ( and click on "등록금납부확인서" (CEEP) → "등록금납부확인서 출력(일반 재학생)" (CEEP Printout).

※ If students who have taken courses more than 4 semesters do not register for classes (0 credit), they will not be considered registered.



Enrolled students who need to pay tuition in installments due to financial difficulties can apply to this program.

The installment plan is only available to students who were enrolled in the previous semester. You can make the installments using any form of acceptable payment (see above for details).

  1. Installment Plan Application Period: February 19 (F) ~ February 24 (W) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

* Final period: March 10 (W) ~ March 11 (T) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

※The application period for the installment plan is only possible until the day before the tuition payment period ends.

  1. Procedures

1) Login to → Click on "등록금 분납신청" on the left side of the bar and complete the form.

2) After submitting the application, print out the tuition receipt the next day. If the payment has been adjusted, it means that your application for the installment plan has been accepted.

  1. The Amount of Installment Payment: 1/4 of the total tuition
  2. Payment Periods

* The Bill can be printed out from the day after you applied.

- 1st round: During the regular payment period February 19 (F) ~ February 25 (T) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

   *Additional Period: March 10 (W) ~ March 12 (F) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

   *Final Period: March 23 (T) ~ March 25 (T) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

- 2nd round: April 19 (M) ~ April 21 (W) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

- 3rd round: May 12 (W) ~ May 14 (F) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

- 4th round: May 26 (W) ~ May 28 (F) (09:00 ~ 17:00)

* The students can only take a leave of absence after paying the tuition fee in full

(All four installments must be paid before submitting the form 'Application for Leave of Absence').


Tuition bills can only be issued if ‘bank information’ is entered in the student portal.

Root for Bank information input screen:

Student portal ( - mypage – Modify personal info - Personal info - Bank information(select ‘primary bank’ and insert ‘Account Number’)

(For domestic students) Only accounts that match your name should be entered

In the case of a Korean citizen, a bill can be printed only if the account matches the person's name. Please inform us if it is necessary to amend the account if you have entered a name other than your original name.

(For international students) Name of the account does not have to be exactly matched with their name but SHOULD NOT be from other person's account.


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