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SNU Quota exceeding course registration request manual

ECElFebruary 22, 2021l Hit 397

submitting override form is no longer available. rules about how to submit override form has been changed. for more details, see file attached.
•Please do not contact the professor in charge of the subject individually for approval procedures.
Even if you are approved by the prof. by e-mail, it does not affect the approval at all.

-students requeste period: March. 2.(화) ~ March. 8.(월)
-instructor's approval period: March. 10.(수) /only the courses offered by ECE dept. will be approved on that day
* 전기·정보공학부 개설 교과목은 해당일에 일괄 승인 예정
-students registration confirmation: March 2.(화) ~ March 11.(목)
keep note that the following courses are not permitted even though you request by on-line. (초안지 불허(rejected courses/미승인) 교과목 안내)
  - M2608.001400(001) 전기·정보세미나 1
  - M2608.001600(002) 전기·정보세미나 3
  - 400.019A 전기.정보공학개론


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