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photo zone and gown for degree recipients

ECElAugust 5, 2021l Hit 405

  1. photo zone will be provide for the Degree recipient by the college of engineering starting from 2021. 8.17.(화) to 2021. 8.30.(월)
    -photo zone spot : building 38, 1st floor and building 300, 2nd floor

    2.How to borrow the gown for degree recipients
    - when: 2021. 8.17.(화) ~ 2021. 8.27.(금) / you can not borrow it on 8/30
    - running hours : 10:00~17:00 (weekday only)
    - where to go to borrow and return:
    there is a desk on the 1st floor building 39 -> fill out your personal information and borrow the gown. You must bring identify card. Not the student card
    if you borrow the gown on 8.17 , you must return it on that date.
if you want to borrow the gown, you must do it by yourself. do not ask for it to somebody.



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