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Global Hope Scholarship for Spring 2023

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See the requirements and if you are qualified for applying, contact at first.

the following notice is from the Office of International Affairs, Seoul National University.

we are pleased to announce the call for the Global Hope Scholarship for Spring 2023.
Please see details of the scholarship below and apply within the designated period.
1. Global Hope Scholarship
This scholarship is given by the Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation to foster outstanding graduate students
from developing countries that have the potential to become global leaders.
2. Eligible Applicants (must meet all the below requirements)
- Academic status:
1) Undergraduate students who have admission to Seoul National University for the 2023 Spring semester
2) Undergraduate students who are currently going through their courses of a Bachelor’s program
3) Graduate students who have admission to Seoul National University for the 2023 Spring semester
4) Graduate students who are currently going through their courses of a Master’s or a PhD program
- Nationality: Must be a country listed on the DAC List of ODA Recipients (see attached list for details)
- Financial status: In case of an undergraduate student, a student that does not receive any other scholarships
that involves tuition waiver
- Other requirements: must be a holder of a TOPIK score of level 2 (or higher)
3. Candidates to be selected: 2 persons
4. Scholarship Benefits
- Full tuition waiver
- Monthly stipend (KRW 650,000 each month)
- Study Allowance (maximum KRW 5,000,000 each semester)
5. Scholarship Period (supported within the normative period)
- Bachelor’s degree program: maximum 8 semesters
- Master's degree program: maximum 4 semesters
-Doctoral degree program: maximum 6 semesters
6. Required Documents
- Application form (use attached form, both Korean and English acceptable)
- Academic transcript and graduation certificate (for Doctoral degree students, both Bachelor’s and Master’s)
-TOPIK score transcript
- Certificate of scholarship (must show the list of scholarships that the applicant is currently receiving)
☞ Not required for freshmen
7. Deadline:
- Submission to OIA by an electronic official document from the applicant’s college by January 13th, 2023
1) Submit required documents to your designated college’s administration office (see list below for details)
2) Please contact the administration office of your designated college regarding submission deadlines to your
college’s administration office.
* Important: Early submissions are strongly recommended so that the college’s administration office can
prepare to submit your documents by an official document to the OIA.
8. Final Acceptance results: March 2023 to be announced by e-mail (an interview will be held for those who
passed the documents screening, approximately during February 2023. Only those accepted will be contacted)
9. Contact: Ms. Jinsol Maeng (+82-2-880-2519,
Office of International Affairs, Seoul National University
College/School Tel. Location

Engineering (공과대학) +82-2-880-8019 Room 213, Bldg.39


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