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  • Confirmation Document for ''Dissertation Research''('Reading and Research)(430.960)

    ECEl Aug 27, 2020 l Hit 869

    This notice is intended for the students who take a course titled ''Dissertation Research(430.960)''.The attached document including Research content, thesis title, and reference book must be submitted to this office, Ms. Kim mina( 880-7304) -period for submitting : 9/1(월) ~ 9/21(월), Ms. Kim min...

  • Korean Test_2020 2nd semester

    ECEl Aug 27, 2020 l Hit 847

    This notice is only for the graduate students who are going to take a Korean test instead of English.[Academic Affairs][Regulation] Foreign Language Examination (English or Korean)_mandatory- The foreign language examination must be taken in English. However, international students must select between English and Ko...

  • Registration Period for Graduate Research Student, 2020 2nd semester

    ECEl Aug 11, 2020 l Hit 1225

    1.Registration period :-first: 2020. 8. 26.(수) ~ 9. 8.(화) 【10일간】-second(final): 2020. 9. 18.(금) ~ 9. 29.(화) 【10일간】 (최종)Keep note those who are going to finish their course work, 2020 Aug. can pay for the fee starting from Sep. 1st.(2020.8 수료자는 9월1일(월)부터 가능)2.Tuition fee for ...

  • Self-Quarantine Guide for new students a post that has files

    ECEl Aug 11, 2020 l Hit 772

    ○ SELF-QUARANTINE Facility (Hoam Faculty House) All entrants from abroad needs to self-quarantine for 14 days, so SNU is offering self-quarantine facilities near campus. For more details, please find the attached file!


    ECEl Aug 11, 2020 l Hit 796

    A. To complete a 3-unit mandatory seminar course, you must attend a series of seminars in two consecutive semesters. In the first semester, you must audit, without enrollment, the seminar course matching with his/her major field. You must contact the TA of your intention to audit so that the TA can record your atten...

  • Notice for Override Request Form (초안지)_2020 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Aug 10, 2020 l Hit 1985

    This notice is intended for the students who wish to register for the ECE dept.'s courses by submitting override form. keep note that the ECE dept's courses mentioned above mean that the courses offered by the Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering. If you can understand Korean, you may check the r...

  • The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate students)

    ECEl Aug 3, 2020 l Hit 987

    This notice is for graduate students in SNU.regulation for safety course from institute of environmental protection & safety SNU has been changed as follows since it has been strengthening then ever.-eventhough you have been taken the safety course in your Master degree, you have to take this course again in you...

  • Central Library Research Guide for Foreign Students

    ECEl Jul 31, 2020 l Hit 728

    How to access1) SNUL International( )2) → RESEARCH → Research Guides → SNUL International

  • Graduation Ceremony, 2020 Aug.28

    ECEl Jul 30, 2020 l Hit 723 dept.'s graduation ceremony will be conducted by Zoom on Aug. 28 2020 2:00pm (Zoom address will be notified soon) -74th online Commencement : Aug. 28 2020 at 10 am photo & video contest for the class of 2020 -Ph...

  • period for course registration in 2020 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 27, 2020 l Hit 686

    please, find attached file for course registration in 2020 2nd semester

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