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  • Graduation Ceremony_2019.08.29(목)

    ECEl Aug 9, 2019 l Hit 2047

    1.SNU 73th Graduation Ceremony(FALL) - Date : 2019. 8. 29(목) 10: 30 - Place : Gymnasium 2.ECE Dept. Graduation Ceremony - Date : 2019. 8. 29. (목) 13:00 - Place : Building 301 Room 118 - Students wearing gown are supposed to be ready and seat by 09:50. - Diploma will be given after finishing up all this graduation ...

  • The Environmental protection and safety Course(mandatory for graduate students)_ 2019. Aug. a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 26, 2019 l Hit 1489

    If you have not yet taken this ''The Environmental protection and safety Course'', you are required to take this class in the designated period. Keep note that taking safety course is one of eligibilities for QT. Those who want to apply for QT in Sep. 2019 must take safety course this time. 1.Registration period: 20...

  • 2019 2nd Semester Course Registration a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 23, 2019 l Hit 1581

    Schedule for Course Registration 2019 2nd Semester has been announced. You may check it through the website.

  • Notice for Override Request Form (초안지)_2019 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Jul 23, 2019 l Hit 1245

    This regulation for Override Request Form applies to the courses by Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Dept. in SNU.As for the courses offered by ECE dept., there is a rule regarding submitting over-ride form. You are required to follow the procedure as below. Do not contact the professor individually regardi...

  • Schedule for Qualification Test(QT), 2019 2nd semester a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 19, 2019 l Hit 2468

    ※ NOTE1) Those who were admitted during 2016 and after must take life-respect-course (education for life protection) since taking this program is one of the eligibility for taking QT.2) [MS_PhD_Integrated_Degree Program students] Those who were admitted during 2015 and after must apply for (PhD)QT in their 3rd semes...

  • A Call for Glo-Harmony scholarship sponsored by Samsung Dream Scholarship Foundation_2019 2nd a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 18, 2019 l Hit 1482

    Keep note that you cannot benefit from duplicate registration scholarships. Eligibility Criteria :1) student's nationality must be in DAC list of ODA recipients -check attached file.2) students who have a hard time paying for tuition fee because of financial problem.3) students who have an excellent grade in schoolS...

  • Call for Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students only (by June 14)_2019 2nd

    ECEl Jun 10, 2019 l Hit 1872

    1. Eligibility (International Undergraduate Students only)students and his/her parents income are under 50,000,000won can apply for this scholarship. 2. Candidates must apply on-line. Application period is as follows:2019. 5. 27.(월) ~ 6. 14.(금) -How to apply : on-lineAccess to → click 학사...

  • SNU President Fellowship (SPF) a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 10, 2019 l Hit 1185

    Students who are qualified for applying for SNU President Fellowship (SPF), contact me by more details, check attached file, please.Keep note that before applying for it, you need to contact by email firstcontact email :

  • a call for SNU Global Scholarship Application for Fall 2019 a post that has files

    ECEl Jun 10, 2019 l Hit 1187

  • 2019 가산 글로벌장학생 모집

    ECEl May 8, 2019 l Hit 1207

    가산문화재단에서 「가산 글로벌장학생」을 아래와 같이 선발한다하오니, 참고하시기 바랍니다.( ) 가. 지원자격: 서울, 경기 소재 대학(원)에 재학중인 외국인 유학생(대학생 또는 대학원생)Qualification : foreign students who are in undergraduate or graduate (students who can speak ...


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