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Call for Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students only(due date:~12/11)_2021 1st semester

November 20, 2020l Hit 2065

You may check original notice at https://ece.snu.ac.kr/community/notice/scholarship?bm=v&bbsidx=50694

1. Eligibility (International Undergraduate Students only)
-Students and his/her parents income are under 50,000,000won can apply for this scholarship.

-minimum GPA 2.4 (previous semester)
2. Candidates must apply on-line. Application period is as follows: 2020. 11. 23.(월) ~ 12. 11.(금)
-How to apply : on-line
Access to http://my.snu.ac.kr → click 학사정보 →click 장학→click 신청/현황 →click 장학신청 → check this scholarship seeing the list of scholarships. fill out the form -> click 신청 (Please, check ‘application statue’ to ''신청 완료)
You must explain why you want to apply for scholarship which means write down the reason you need the scholarship.
-Please, check application statue to ''신청 완료'' by online.
-The prof.'s signature is not required.
-Keep note that it cannot benefit from duplicate scholarships.
- you must check your bank account information on my snu website.

3.Required Documents[유학생 맞춤형 장학금 신청자 제출 서류]:
-Application form for scholarship (장학선정신청서)
-Birth &Family Relations Certificate (가족관계증명서)
-parents income certificate for 2020 notarized in Korean or English must be submitted. (Original files are required. Copy files are not acceptable.)
Income Certificate that indicates where the income from and the amount of income must be issued by government office.  In case that there is no income, it must be issued by government office.
All the documents must be issued within 6 months.

4.Inquiry : For inquiries, please contact the person in charge as below.
Staff : Ms. Jaeseon Lee ( exlibjs@snu.ac.kr ) Location : opposite side of admin office, 301-309