Research Centers

NANO Systems Institute

Professor : Park, Young June

Sponsoring authority : Ministry of Science (National Core Research Center: NCRC)

  • Introduction
  • NANO Systems Institute is consisted of SNU professors in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Physics, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Material Science, and Biosystems & Biomaterial Engineering. This program is jointly participated by Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology(SAIT) and Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology(KAIST) as a 「NANO Systems National Core Research Center」 and is funded for 7 years by National Research Foundation of Korea. NANO Systems Institute seeks to make nano-technology a crucial national technology by developing an applied system which can heavily contribute to the future industry and society. For this ultimate goal, we research applied systems in nano-technology, verify by participating industrial enterprises, and operate various joint graduate school programs as a ‘leading multidisciplinary graduate school’ model.