Research Centers

3D Millimeter-wave Research Center

Professor : Kwon, Youngwoo

Sponsoring authority : Ministry of Science (ICT, Future Planning)

  • Introduction
  • 3D Millimeter-wave research center has developed MMIC components, a single-ship MMIC active antenna, and a 2D mechanical beam steering antenna constructed with RF MEMS technology. Using these components, the research center successfully engineered an integrated millimeter-wave mechanical beam steering transmitter module at V-band(60Hz). Moreover, as an application to the biomedical engineering, the research presented a possibility of micro-sized cancer cells detection in the lymph nodes for breast cancer and continues its study on the characteristics of cancer cell response to the micro millimeter wave in order to construct a subminiature cancer diagnostic device by fabricating a probe that may combine with a VLSI circuits. Through an enhancement of data clustering and transmission/reception of millimeter-wave communication system, the research center looks forward to promote commercial and medical use of millimeter wave on the millimeter-wave wireless communication and medical imaging systems.