Research Groups

지능형 계산영상 연구실

Intelligent Computational imaging Lab (ICL)

Prof. : Prof. Chun, Se Young

Research Area : Intelligent Computational imaging

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • Computation plays an important role in modern imaging including medical imaging: Modern imaging systems pose interesting, but challenging problems under non-ideal circumstances. By solving them with the aid of computations, one can see something farther away, something deeper inside, and something much smaller. Signal processing and machine learning are important & powerful tools to tackle them effectively.
    Intelligent Computational imaging Lab (ICL) is investigating modern signal processing and machine learning for computation imaging, especially for medical imaging. ICL generalizes the problems posed by computational & medical imaging and solves them so that our solutions can be applied not only to computation imaging itself, but also to low-level computer vision or other areas. ICL is publishing its works in major medical imaging & signal processing journals as well as in major machine learning & computer vision conferences.
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • Computational & medical imaging;
    Signal processing;
    Machine learning
  • Journals & Patents
  • - K Y Kim, D W Park, K I Kim, S Y Chun, “Task-Aware Variational Adversarial Active Learning,” Accepted to CVPR 2021;

    - YJ Kim et al., “PAIP 2019: Liver cancer segmentation challenge,” Medical Image Analysis 67:101854, Jan 2021;

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