Research Groups


Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory

Prof. : Prof. Nam, Sangwook

Research Area : RF circuits, Antennas, Applied electromagnetics

  • About the Laboratory & Research Area
  • Nowadays the research on the electromagnetics and high frequency circuits is actively performed because of the increasing demands on the miniaturized, light-weighted, and high-quality circuits for wireless and mobile communications. Also, the research approached from the electromagnetic point of view is required to find out the effects of the interconnecting lines/packaging on the very large scale integrated circuits performance with high speed signals since the mutual interference between the lines becomes critical to low-voltage/low-power circuits' noise margin. Therefore, the main research areas of our laboratory consist of two parts. One is the analysis of the electromagnetic wave and the other is the microwave/RF circuits analysis/design.
    In the area of electromagnetic waves, the research on the fast and precise analysis algorithms is pursued. Also we are interested in the analysis and design methods of antennas which are apt to the variable usage, the mutual interference between transmission lines in the complicate circuits, and the microwave passive elements(filter etc.) development through the analysis of electromagnetic wave.
    In the area of RF/microwave circuit design, we have emphasis on development of high-performance circuits through the profound consideration of the operation principles of RF circuits(power amplifier, oscillator, frequency mixer, duplexer and dual band LNA etc.) used in the RF systems of Radar, Cellular, body area network applications. Also the design of MMIC is included in our research areas.
  • Research Interests & Projects
  • Research topics of Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory are based on the analysis of electromagnetic wave and electronic circuit in radio frequency(RF) condition. The main research topics are near-field coupling analysis for wireless power transfer, design of antenna and balun filter for the electromagnetic wave analysis and high efficiency power amplifier, CMOS RFIC, chip signal integrity for electronic circuit. The recent ongoing projects are phased array antenna, on body antenna, wireless transfer for electomagnetic wave analysis, and power amplifier, digital RF (multi mode, multi band reciever), VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) for electronic circuit analysis.
  • Journals & Patents
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