Professor Wonyong Sung, Bohyung Han, Winners of ‘Google AI Focused Research Awards’ (Yonhapnews, 20180913)

2018-10-04l Hit 365

Professor Sung Ju Hwang, Steven Whang, Bohyung Han, Wonyong Sung … One-year funding for cooperation

It was announced on the 13th that researchers of KAIST and Seoul National University won the Google AI Focused Research Awards Program for the first time as a Korean.
The award recipients are professor Sung Ju Hwang and Steven Whang of KAIST, and professors Bohyung Han and Wonyong Sung of SNU. Their research area includes cloud, speech recognition and deep learning.
Over the next year, the award winners are going to make a team with Google researchers and engineers to conduct collaboration projects. Google will evaluate the process results and decide on the following steps.
Google stated, “The winners were selected based on evaluation by experts and discussions within the commitee. We look forward to expanding the field of AI research through collaboration with Korean researchers.”

Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,