Jungsik Kim, CEO of Daeduck Electronics, who donated 50 billion won from his wealth, passes away at the age of 90 (ChosunBiz, 20190411)

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Jungsik Kim, who donated 50 billion won from his personal fortune last February for the development of Artificial Intelligence research in SNU, and who served as both CEO of Daeduck Electronics and chairman of Haedong Science and Cultural Foundation, passed away on the 11th at the age of 90.

CEO Kim was born in 1929 and graduated Chosun Electronics Technical Highschool in Hamnam and Seoul National University department of electrical and communication engineering in 1956. During university, he had to go serve in the air force when the 6.25 war broke out. After returning from the army he jumped into the field of electronics manufacturing.

Daeduck Electronics founded by CEO Kim in 1965 is known as one of the pioneering companies that grew with the development of the electronics industry in Korea. Started as a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacturing company for black-and-white TVs, it expanded its capacity to produce components for TVs, PCs, and smartphones. Currently, it is mainly producing PCBs for smartphones and 5th generation (5G) mobile communication. Daeduck Electronics, founded by CEO Kim, has grown to be a midsized company with a revenue of 96 billion last year and 2000 employees.

CEO Kim made personal donations in 1991 to establish the Haedong Science and Cultural Foundation and provide research funds in the field of science and engineering. The foundation granted funding to 282 researchers and selected 280 university students for scholarships. CEO Kim continued to make donations to his alma mater, SNU. The total amount of his donations sums up to 65.7 billion won, which is the largest amount of accumulated donations so far in SNU.

Source: http://ee.snu.ac.kr/community/news?bm=v&bbsidx=48741
Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, jin11542@snu.ac.kr