Samsung Display, Launching the ‘2nd Display Research Center’ with 11 universities including SNU

2019-05-31l Hit 563

Samsung Display revealed on the 23rd that it is launching the ‘2nd Display Research Center’ with 11 universities including SNU, POSTECH, and KAIST for industry-academia cooperative research and human resource development.

Samsung Display plans to provide the universities with research funding of 30 billion won for the next 5 years to cooperate on developing next generation technology such as foldable display and highly efficient metamaterial.

Samsung Display newly established the ‘Display Track’ in undergraduate courses to develop human resources that can lead the display industry and to acquire them in an early stage. Display Track is to select students who are studying in related fields and to offer them job opportunities and scholarships. If the selected student completes the required courses and finishes an internship, they will have a chance to work for the company.

At the event on the 23rd, which was held at the Administration Building 60 of SNU, Samsung Display signed the MoU while CEO Donghoon Lee and Dean of SNU Sejung Oh attended. Samsung is also planning on signing further agreements with other universities to run the research center. An official of Samsung Display said, “We are planning to hold hands with universities to support their research activities and further invest on young intellectuals who can lead the future industry.”

Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,