Professor Kyomin Jung, “Developing deep learning architecture for logical reasoning” project chosen to be funded by Samsung Science &Technology Foundation.(yonhapnews,20191007)

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A total funding of 33 billion won allocated to the selected projects in the second half of 2019

Professor Kyomin Jung

Samsung Electronics revealed on the 7th the nomination of 26 projects, including research on medicine for brain tumors, and advanced materials for semiconductors, which will be funded by the Samsung Science and Technology Foundation for the second half of this year.

Samsung Science and Technology foundation aims to contribute to the society by providing funding to selected projects in three fields, including fundamental science, material science, and ICT, three times every year (twice with free topics and once with a designated theme).

In the second half of this year, a total of 33 billion won will be provided to 7 projects in the field of fundamental science, 10 projects in the field of material science, and 9 projects on creative ICT.


In the field of fundamental science, a project on developing medicine for brain tumors through research in new T-cells that can recognize brain tumor cells and control the immune response led by professor Heung-Kyu Lee of KAIST was chosen.


Professor Su-Hyun Gong from Korea University, who founded a novel theory for the physical phenomenon that appears when light is captured in a two-dimensional semiconductor with nano-meter thickness for the first time in the world, was also chosen as the recipient.

In the field of material science, Dr. Kyungwoon Jung from KIMS (Korea Institute of Materials Science) will research an organic material whose color changes depending on the metastasis characteristics of cancer cells with the provided funding.

Also, professor Jun Hee Lee from UNIST, who will work on developing semiconductor materials using next generation technology that can be applied to neural computers, and Donghun Kim from KIST, who works on how to predict remaining lifetime of materials used in machines and devices through Artificial Intelligence(AI), are also recipients of the funding.


In the field of ICT, Eunju Jeong from Hanyang University, who is working on reconstructing music that the person is imagining by detecting and analyzing brain signals, and professor Kyomin Jung of SNU, who is trying to develop AI technology that can conduct logical reasoning, were included.

The chairman of Samsung Science and Technology Foundation Sung Geun Kim said, “The selected projects in the field of medicine and environment will contribute to the society by improving the quality of life of our citizens and solving social problems. Also, projects in semiconductors and AI will play a critical role in strengthening the competitiveness of our technology.”

Samsung revealed that they provided a total of 718.2 billion won to 560 projects including this time since it started in August 2013.

The applications for the first half of next year should be submitted through Samsung Science and Technology Foundation ( for the field of fundamental science and Samsung Research Funding & Incubation Center for Future Technology ( for the field of material science and ICT by December 13th.


Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,