SNU-SK Telecom-SK Hynix holds hands in the training of talents in the AI and semiconductor fields (AI Times, 2022.07.20)

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Joint design of courses within the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering with the goal of cultivating practical skills

Mutual cooperation in opening and utilizing online-based SK ICT curriculum
Photo taken after the contract agreement ceremony

The SNU College of Engineering (Dean Yoo-Seok Hong) signed a MOU with SK Telecom (SKT) and SK Hynix on the 19th of July for industrial-academical cooperation in AI and semiconductor-related programs.

Through the MOU signed on this day, SNU, SKT, and SK Hynix agreed to work together to overcome the shortage of human resources in the AI and semiconductor field, and to cooperate to design and open an online-based SK ICT curriculum within the department’s syllabus to cultivate practical skills.

In the 2nd semester of 2022, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will open a lecture titled ‘Special Lecture on Computer and VSLI (Understanding SKT AI Technology and Commercialization)’, and organize lectures on 10 fields such as information technology, recommendation technology, dialogue-style language models, and computer vision, focusing on SKT’s voice-based AI technology.

In the lectures, AI experts from SKT will be introducing various contents, ranging from theoretical backgrounds to the latest algorithms and case studies of actual AI service development.

In addition, SKT will provide more than 100 educational videos that were exclusively for SKT employees, and materials that were announced at various technological events. Mentoring sessions for the students, which will be led by experts working in the company, are also scheduled.

SK Hynix has newly established the ‘Online Semiconductor Curriculum’. It consists of more than 80 educational videos in 12 major job-related fields such as semiconductor fabrication, device, and design. It is a practice-oriented learning process based on the capabilities and experiences of SK Hynix’s experts. A glossary of terms used in the semiconductor industry and short-from videos are also provided so that students can access the content easily in a fun way. 

SNU and SK Hynix also plan to open and operate an undergraduate lecture titled ‘Engineering Knowledge and Practice’, which is designed based on semiconductor development cases.

Yoo-Seok Hong, the Dean of the SNU College of Engineering, said, “Through this MOU, the Korean 4th industrial revolution has entered an era of fierce competition among the world’s leading countries. The AI field and the semiconductor field are the core of Korea’s industrial competitiveness. In particular, the semiconductor industry is now being recognized as an industry directly related to national security; it goes beyond being the core of industry in countries all over the world.”

He also added, “To take the lead in the AI and semiconductor markets, it is absolutely necessary to resolve the chronic lack of manpower and build an environment for nurturing skilled labor. I look forward to the MOU between SNU, SKT, and SK Hynix becoming a big turning point in the talent development sector.

The contract agreement ceremony, which was held at the SNU College of Engineering, was attended by Jung-Hwan Ahn, manager of corporate culture, Sang-Ho Lee, manager of T3k, and Young-Bae Jung, and manager of capability innovation from SKT, Sang-Kyu Shin, manager of corporate culture, Sun-Yong Cha, manager of future technology research, and Yu-Ri Jung, manager of SKHU development from SK Hynix, and Yoo-Seok Hong, Dean of College of Engineering, Jong-Min Lee, Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Hyuk-Jae Lee Chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Dae-Hyung Cho, professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering from SNU, and others.


Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,