Researcher Dongup Kwon (Supervisor: Jangwoo Kim), receives 2018 Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) Fellowship

2018-11-19l Hit 222

Researcher Dongup Kwon, currently a PhD student in department of electrical and computer engineering of SNU (Supervisor: Jangwoo Kim), received the 2018 Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) fellowhip at the ‘Computing in the 21st Century Conference & Asia Faculty Summit’, which was held in Beijing China on the 6th-7th of November.

For this year’s MSRA Fellowship, out of all 102 applicants who were recommended from 40 different research oriented universities throughout Asia, 11 scholars were elected based on the evaluation of research results, future plans, and potential. The selected scholars are given an internship opportunity at the MSRA research center and a $10,000 (USD) scholarship. Researcher Dongup Kwon decided to donate two million won to the department.

Researcher Dongup Kwon has been conducting research related to next generation high performance server design and prototyping at High Performance Computer System Lab of SNU department of electrical and computer engineering. He was acknowledged for the numerous papers that were accepted to top conferences in the field of computer architecture such as ISCA and MICRO, which led him to be selected as a scholar in the field of Hardware & Software System. He is currently on an internship at Intel, which is located in Oregon of the United States, as part of his PhD degree, conducting research on the development of next generation artificial intelligence accelerator.

Translated by Kyungjin Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,