Prof. Sungroh Yoon, Committee Chair Sungroh Yoon is a global authority in AI based on deep learning and big data(Maeil Business News Korea, 2020.05.05)

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Committee Chair Sungroh Yoon(47), who is to lead the 3rd Committee on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is the world’s leading authority in AI who has been devoted to deep-learning and big data based AI and bioinformatics for over two decades. He published papers in prominent journals such as Nature Biotechnology and presented at international conferences with applications of AI and Big Data technology in various fields such as semiconductor, biomedicine, and manufacturing. He has over 400 achievements if one counts the presentations in domestic and foreign conferences, publications in international journals, as well as patent registrations and applications. He also led industrial-academic collaboration with not only domestic companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Telecommunications, but also with international businesses such as Miscrosoft.


He is also a prized student of Kiyoung Choi, the minister of MSIT. Chairman Yoon, who has started his work as the 3rd committee chair in earnest last month, placed special emphasis on online education and remote medical care. These plans have become two of his top priorities which he hopes will come to fruition during his short one-year term. Coming up with follow-up support measures of the ‘AI National Strategy’ that contains a ten-year plan and the three acts related to data that were passed in the National Assembly is also a major agenda. He said, “I am an avid reader of Maeil Business News (매일경제)’s Bounce Back Korea series. An article that said that we should ‘send emergency relief funds through Kakao Talk’ caught my eye. I agreed with the article that it would be better if we could track where the money was being used. The U.K. and Sweden have systems that keep track of everyone’s earnings real-time. The convergence of AI and public administration could help optimization in several areas.”


Born in 1973 △Whimoon High School, Seoul △Graduated SNU ECE in 1996 △Master’s Degree at Stanford University in 2002 △Ph.D at Stanford in 2006 △2006~2007 Intel Corporation Senior Engineer △2007~2012 Korea University Assistant Professor △2014~2016 SNU Big Data Institute △2012~ SNU ECE Professor △2019~ AIIS (AI Instutute of SNU) △2019 SNU College of Engineering Vice Chair



Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,