SNU, Adds ‘AI interdisciplinary program’ for graduate school… Will train core talents (Maeil Business News Korea, 2020.04.26.)

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SNU will create an 'AI interdisciplinary program (AI 협동과정)' for graduate school. The aim is to nurture core talents in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The course will be launched next semester.


SNU held the 6th SNU senate plenary meeting and decided to create and launch the ‘AI interdisciplinary program’ next semester. The enrollment quota for next semester is 20. Annually, 50 students will be accepted. It is anticipated that this will bring a synergistic effect along with the launch of ‘AI joint major’, an AI-related undergraduate course that was passed earlier this year and will accept students starting next semester.


SNU’s AI interdisciplinary program focuses on building a core platform in the AI field by gathering students from the College of Engineering, the College of Natural Sciences, and the Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology. Kook Heon Char, Dean of the College of Engineering, said, “Although the term ‘AI’ is used as a general term that encompasses various subfields, the field of artificial intelligence is very wide. The AI interdisciplinary program will be open for participation from various colleges such as the humanities and social sciences.”


The launch of SNU’s AI interdisciplinary program is also expected to help provide domestic AI experts that are highly in need. According to the government and related industries, the number of AI-related workers required in Korea is about 9000 by 2022, but the actual supply is less than 3,000. There is a shortage of 6,000 experts.


SNU also plans to increase the quality of its graduate school programs with this AI interdisciplinary program.


Char said, “The admission quota of graduate interdisciplinary programs can be more flexibly adjusted compared to that of the undergraduate program. As such, we can provide courses that will meet future needs while also providing the depth of traditional academic fields.” He added, "The competition for the Graduate School of Data Science is more than 6:1. If we present a research field with development potential through AI interdisciplinary programs as we did with the graduate school, innovation in graduate schools will follow naturally."



Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,