Prof. Kyoung Mu Lee, Selected as a member of KAST (Donga Science, 2020.11.30.)

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On the 30th, the KAST revealed 30 new members of year 2021. From the left: UNIST Prof. Sang Il Seok, SNU Prof. Kyoung Mu Lee, KAIST Prof. Buhm Soon Park. Provided by KAST

Thirty new members of KAST(the Korean Academy of Science and Technology), an organization of recognized scholars in Korea’s science and technology, were announced for 2021. This included UNIST Professor Sang Il Seok, a top authority in next-generation solar cells, SNU Professor Kyoung Mu Lee, an AI expert, and KAIST Professor Buhm Soon Park, a scholar of the history of science and technology who founded the first graduate school of science and technology policy in Korea.


On the 30th, KAST announced that it selected 30 new members who were active in the field of science and technology for 20 years or more and with exceptional and influential research achievements. KAST stated, “The top 10 papers of candidates were evaluated in a three-level process based on their uniqueness, academic influence, and contribution.”


Experts in the field of public policy, science, engineering, agriculture and fisheries, and medicine were selected this year. In public policy, Yonsei University Professor Sang Baek Koh, an expert in disease and health policy who conducted research to identify the generation and causes of disease by establishing a community-based genome cohort, KAIST Professor Wonjoon Kim, an expert in innovational policies in science and technology, KAIST Professor Buhm Soon Park, who founded Korea’s first graduate school of science and technology policy, and SNU Professor Jinwoong Song, an expert in science education who led the future generation science education standards project were selected.

2021 new members of KAST, public policy division. Provided by KAST


In the sciences, eight were added as new members. KIAS Professor Inkang Kim, who was thrown into the spotlight for solving Poincare’s conjecture, and KAIST Professor Jaeyoung Byeon, with groundbreaking research results in the field of partial differential equations, were chosen.


In physics, SNU Professor Kyungwon An, an expert in quantum optics who was the first to observe the superradiance of a single atom, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Professor Ho Nyung Lee, an expert in growing nano-thin films, were chosen. In chemistry and biology, UNIST Professor Jong-Beom Baek, the first to succeed in the mass production of graphene, an advanced carbon-base material, Korea University Professor Dong Hoon Choi, an expert in organic semiconductors and organic solar cell material, and POSTECH Professor Jie-Oh Lee, a structural biologist who studied immune proteins were chosen. In earth science, Yonsei University Professor Jhoon Kim, an expert in Northeastern Asian air quality survey was chosen.


2021 new members of KAST, sciences division. Provided by KAST

In technology, ten experts from various fields became members. Kyungpook National University Professor Wan-Kuen Jo, who developed a method of indoor air cleaning technology using photocatalysts, Pusan National University Professor Kap Hwan Kim, expert of port logistics, Jeju National University Professor Sang-Jae Kim, who studies small-scale energy generation and storage facilities, Pusan National University Professor Jeom Kee Paik, who put offshore plant safety evaluation technology into practical use, and UNIST Professor Sang Il Seok, who achieved the highest efficiency in the field of perovskite solar cell, a next-generation solar cell, were chosen.


In addition, Yonsei University Professor Young-Kook Lee, who was the first to develop manganese-added next-generation automotive steel sheet TWIP, SNU Professor Kyoung Mu Lee, an expert in visual information processing AI, SNU Professor Byung-Gee Kim, who led the advance of bioengineering by developing antibiotic mass-produced strains, and Yonsei University Professor Chang Ha Lee, who developed a ballast water treatment technology added their names to the list of members.


2021 new members of KAST, technology division. Provided by KAST

In agriculture and fisheries, SNU Professor Seunghwan Lee, who studied the evolutionary system of insects and the ecosystem, SNU Professor Cheorun Jo, an expert in processing cultured meat and livestock, and SNU Professor Ki Won Lee, who pioneered the research for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases caused by dietary habits were selected.


In medicine, Catholic University of Korea Professor Wan-Uk Kim, who conducted research for medical solutions to rheumatoid arthritis, Chungnam National University Professor Minho Shong, who conducted leading research in the field of endocrinology and metabolism such as diabetes and obesity, SNU Professor Jae-Joon Yim, an authority in tuberculosis, SNU Professor Jung Weon Lee, who clarified the metastasis mechanisms in liver cancer, liver fibrosis, and fatty liver disease, and SKKU Professor Eun-Jung Cho, who led the study of epigenetic gene expression regulation were added.

2021 new members of KAST, agriculture and fisheries division and medicine division. Provided by KAST

KAST Director Min-Koo Han stated, “KAST members play the role of evidencing the brilliance of Korean scientific research. As we now selected top experts from each field, we will strive to further contribute to the development of science and technology.”

Meanwhile, out of the 30 new members, there was only one female professor, SKKU Professor Eun-Jung Cho. It appears that the proportion of women among scholars remains low.


Translated by: Jee Hyun Lee, English Editor of Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,