“The reason why we pay attention to 6G”, the future of 6G as seen by Byong-Hyo Shim, a globally recognized scholar and an expert in the field of communications.(2022.05.20.)

2022-05-20l Hit 27

Samsung Electronics held the 1st Samsung 6G Forum ( ) to have an outlook on the status of the current research and the future of 6G, the next-generation communication technology planned to be commercialized in 2030. This forum, which was broadcast live on the YouTube Channel, proceeded in the order of lectures by world-renowned scholars and panel discussions on the 6G wireless interface and 6G intelligence networks, followed by Q&A sessions. During this event, Professor Byong-Hyo Shim of the SNU Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering gave a presentation titled “AI-based mobile detection and beamforming for millimeter waves and terahertz communication”. The presentation emphasized that a much faster data rate is required than before with the advent of applied technologies such as AR, VR, XR, and the metaverse in the future, that performance improvement of millimeter/terahertz band beamforming is crucial in improving transmission speed, and that through deep learning, great performance enhancement can be achieved.


Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,