Professor Kyo-Min Jung takes first place in accuracy category at the 11th Dialogue System Technology Challenge (DSTC11). (2023.04.26)

2023-04-26l Hit 92

Professor Kyo-min Jung's research team(Seong-ho Joo*, doctoral program, Kang-il Lee*, doctoral program, Kyung-min Min*, master's program, *: joint contribution) achieved first place in the accuracy category and third place in the overall human evaluation in the task-oriented conversational modeling with subjective knowledge section of the eleventh Dialogue System Technology Challenge (DSTC11), a global competition in the conversation system field, through joint research with LG AI Research team.

DSTC is the most prestigious international competition in the field of artificial intelligence dialogue systems. The 11th DSTC, co-hosted by Microsoft, IBM, Amazon Alexa AI, and the National University of Singapore, took place over a period of approximately three months after the dataset was released in December of last year. The research team from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University (led by Professor Kyomin Jung) participated in Track 5, which aimed to develop a conversation model that appropriately answers questions related to places based on subjective reviews of hotel or restaurant visitors. The conversation data used in this competition was built on MultiWoz 2.1, and it was more challenging than the previous challenge since reviews of the same place contained different opinions.

The participants’ models were evaluated on knowledge turn detection, knowledge selection, and response generation. The research team ranked first in automatic evaluation and achieved first place in accuracy and third place in overall human evaluation where people directly evaluated the responses. To improve performance, the research team proposed an ensemble model that combines rule-based models and neural networks appropriately.

This research is scheduled to be presented at the SIGDIAL Dialogue System Technology Challenge Workshop, which is to be held in the Czech Republic in September 2023.


Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,