Emeritus Professor Kwang-Seok Suh, and Sin-du Lee, elected as members of the first 22-strong civilian “presidential advisory council on science and technology” (News 1, 2022.10.31)

November 11, 2022l Hit 621

Photo of President Yoon with the first members of the presidential advisory council on science and technology and the plenary meeting vice chairmen Woo-Il Lee. Taken on the 28th at the Yong-San presidential office.

22 members of the first presidential advisory council on science and technology for President Yoon were elected.

On the 31st, the presidential advisory council on science and technology announced that 22 civilian members were elected on the 28th.

The advisory council on science and technology is comprised of 10  review board members tasked with reviewing policies and budgets, and 12 advisory board members.

The 10 review board members are: Ki-Tae Nam, professor of material engineering, SNU, Hyun-Min Park, head of Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, Kwang-Seok Suh, head of Korea Advanced Nano Fabrication Center, Seh-Hyun Oh, vice president of SK Telecoms digital asset company,   Sang-Yeob Lee, distinguished professor at KAIST chemical biological engineering, Shin-Du Lee, retired professor, SNU electrical and computer engineering, Man-Ki Cho, emeritus professor at Dong-Suh university, bio-health interdisciplinary college, Yun-Hee Choi, senior researcher at KIET, Chae-Poong Choi, professor of mechanical engineering, SKKU, and Sun-Kook Hong, chairman of Nano Technology Research Association.

The 12 advisory board members are: Nam-Joong Kim, professor at the college of medicine, SNU, Mu-Hwan Kim, president of POSTECH, Jong-Rae Park, professor of material science, SNU, Jeong-Mi Oh, professor of pharmacy, SNU, Wook-Jun Yoo, Chairman of KAST, Kwang Hyung Lee, president of KAIST, Jeong-Ah Lee, professor of computer engineering, Chosun University, Hang-Keun Jung, emeritus professor of electrical engineering, Kyung Book University, Jun-Hee Cho, Chairman of Korea Software Industry Association, Seh-Don Joo, chairman of technological research center of POSCO, Kyo-Yeong Kin, Chairman of SAIT, and Take-Hwan Hyun, Chairman of IBS, branch of nano particles.

Their term in the office ends on the 27th of October, 2023.


Source: https://ee.snu.ac.kr/community/news?bm=v&bbsidx=52983

Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, kimdohyung@snu.ac.kr