Professor Kyoung Mu Lee, Resurrecting Beloved Ones with 'Generative AI'... What are the problems to solve amidst the several challenges? (Yonhap News TV, 2023.07.11)

August 2, 2023l Hit 166
Resurrecting Beloved Ones with 'Generative AI'... What are the problems to solve amidst the several challenges?
In 2007, a fallen Air Force pilot was reunited with his mother.
This was made possible by 'Generative AI' technology. The reunion of a mother and her son through the use of AI. The reunion touched the hearts of many.
While AI technology may enable us to see the faces of missed ones, there are still many issues to address, such as issues regarding portrait rights and copyrights.
Recently, the Ministry of National Defense made public the event where the deceased Major Park In-cheol's appearance was restored using AI, enabling the reunion with his mother. This event gained much public attention. It would be heartwarming to see the faces of missed ones. Firstly, how did you feel about this event?
In fact, there have been quite a few other cases where technology has been used to resurrect deceased artists using AI. The scene you are currently watching is also involves restoration using AI technology. It would seem that fans or family members may have mixed emotions about it.
In the case of the late Kim Kwang-seok, there was even a new album released using AI, which even included an replication of his own handwriting. There was also an instance where the late Kim Kwang-seok, who passed away in 1996, "sang" the song "I Miss You," which was released in 2002. What exactly is this "Generative AI" technology?
It has been reported that a new Beatles song featuring the voice of John Lennon, who passed away in 1980, will be released. Paul McCartney stated that AI was used to extract John Lennon's voice. Can AI be not only be utilized for voice generation, but also voice extraction?
I have heard that generative AI technology is being used in other various fields. Specifically, in which other areas is the technology being applied?
ChatGPT is a current hot topic, and it seems there is nothing it cannot do, but isn’t ChatGPT an AI specialized in text and language? It may be a bit different from AI specializing in processing visual data, such as videos. What are the differences between these two technologies?
An app that creates a different appearance based on my photo and face is trending among the younger generation. Does this app also utilize generative AI technology?
The technology can extract and recreate the voice of the deceased, allowing the recreation of their speech and even singing. They can even replicate their appearance. It's fascinating and impressive, but it also raises concerns. Are there any points to be worried about?
With the creation of another picture based on my face, the question arises whether I can assert my portrait rights on this generated image. This question led to an ongoing debate. Despite technological advancements, the awareness and discussions on related ethics and other issues seem insufficient. What are your thoughts on this?
Although discussions about regulations and regulatory adjustments are raised, with the development of AI algorithms, things that were considered impossible just a decade ago are now achievable. How do you envision our daily lives to have changed in 10 or 20 years?

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Translated by: Do-Hyung Kim, English Editor of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, kimdohyung@snu.ac.kr