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SNU Global EDGE Fellowship Program for Spring 2024

April 2, 2024l Hit 19

SNU Global EDGE Fellowship Program for Spring 2024

Office of International Affairs, Seoul National University


We are delighted to announce the opening of applications for the SNU Global EDGE Fellowship Program for Spring 2024. Please carefully review the scholarship details provided below and submit your application within the designated timeframe.


  1. SNU Global EDGE Fellowship Program

As part of Seoul National University’s “Brain Korea 21 Four Project,” this scholarship aims to attract and nurture exceptional students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a dynamic intellectual community.


  1. Eligibility Criteria (All requirements must be met)

1) Newly admitted Ph.D. students at SNU for the Spring semester of 2024 or students enrolled in a Combined Master’s and Doctorate program at SNU, commencing the doctorate program in March 2024.

2) Majoring in a department affiliated with a team/educational group sponsored by the “Brain Korea 21 Four Project.”

3) Currently engaged in research supported by the “Brain Korea 21 Four Project.”

4) Not receiving any other scholarships that provides tuition waiver or scholarships from other Brain Korea 21 Four Research Projects.


  1. Scholarship Benefits

- Full tuition coverage

- Monthly stipend of KRW 1,800,000


  1. Scholarship Duration (supported within the normative period)

- Maximum 4 semesters

Recipients must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0/4.3 to retain the scholarship.

Continued participation in the “BK21 Four Project” is required to maintain eligibility.


  1. Required Documents

- Completed application form (attached)

- Academic transcripts and graduation certificates (both bachelor’s and master’s degrees))

* For combined master’s & doctorate students: please provide a bachelor's degree certificate and a transcript of grades obtained from the start of the master's program to the present

- Recommendation letter from a professor in the applicant’s department at SNU

- BK 21 Four Project Research Participation Confirmation Documents (submit the following materials)

1) BK 21 Four Project Participation Confirmation (attached form) (BK참여대학원생 확인서, attached form)

2) Research Participation Confirmation (참여연구원 확인서, can be printed through the SRnD system)


  1. Deadline

- Submission to OIA by an electronic official document from the applicant’s college by April 10th, 2024

1) Submit required documents to your designated college’s administration office

2) Please contact the administration office of your designated college regarding submission deadlines to your college’s administration office.

* Important: Early submissions to your college/school’s administration office are strongly recommended so that the college’s administration office can prepare to submit your documents by an official document to the OIA.


  1. Interview and Announcement of Final Results: During April 2024 (only those who’ve passed the screening of documents will be contacted)


  1. Inquiries: Ms. Jinsol Maeng, Office of International Affairs (+82-2-880-2519, eakin@snu.ac.kr)
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